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private sessions

Sex & Relationship Coaching

Online or in person coaching sessions support you to transform out dated ways of being, limiting belief systems and unhelpful habits into an empowered and expansive relationship with your sexuality, intimacy and pleasure.

Jordan specialises in helping men address early ejaculation and erectile challenges - teaching them how to approach pleasure in a completely new way so they can achieve sexual mastery.

You may be wondering what is it like coaching with Jordan?


It often begins with relaxed conversation, sharing your experience, answering questions and reflecting on how you show up in sexual relating - with yourself and others. The first step is all about building safety and getting your challenges out in the open so you can make sense of why you are where you are and the best way to create change.

From there Jordan skillfully uses questions and language re-frames to help expand what you see as possible for yourself, now you are ready to set some goals or intentions about how you want to grow.

Drawing on an extensive tool kit, including somatic sex coaching, NLP aspecting and embodied expression techniques (to name a few), Jordan teaches you the essential practical skills and awareness required to create the change you want to experience and become more of the sexual person you want to be.

A mixture of in session teaching, home tasking, external resources and post practice reflection is used to help you integrate the learning and development you experience.

Depending on your kind of commitment Jordan uses different processes of accountability to support you to take the action you need to.

If you are interested in receiving support and doing coaching but would like more detail and specifics on how Jordan can help you, book a free 20min Discovery Call now.

Sexological Bodywork

Sexological Bodywork is a unique modality that provides the opportunity for hands on sexuality work, within the boundaries of an educational framework.

Most of your sexual experience involves your body. How do you use it to create and feel pleasure? How do you connect with yourself and other people through your body? Your touch, movement, breath, communication and expression all come from and through you body.

These processes are not just mental ones, so Sexological Bodywork provides ways to actually practice feeling, expressing and discovering and cultivating pleasure.

These sessions can be completely non-erotic & non-touch based e.g. learning a new way to breathe or move your body that helps regulate your nervous system and increase your ability to feel pleasure.

And they can also invite erotic learning e.g. genital mapping sessions where you are guided into connecting with your pelvis and genitals through your awareness and receive touch as requested by you to help you learn about your pleasure anatomy.

The kinds of work that can be done with Sexological Bodywork is endless and at the core of this modality is the intention to empower you (the student/client) by teaching you how to lead your own erotic discovery and development.

Jordan has experience with offering Sexological Bodywork to a diverse range of people so these sessions are open to people of any race, gender, sexual orientation or cultural background.

If you are interested in doing this kind of work but feel unsure about booking an introductory session straight up then please book a free 20min Discovery Call now.

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