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Movement equals freedom. Being able to move with confidence from a place of deep connection to yourself is the ultimate expression of freedom. Through movement we can express the essence of ourselves and our emotions.
There is a lot of conditioning to let go of and rewrite when it comes to movement. From a young age you were taught to shut down your movement, to be proper and "sit still" in the classroom, at the dining table and not to draw unnecessary attention to yourself.

As men we carry an extra layer, our hips and pelvis have been locked into tension and rigidity because through the lens of toxic masculinity it's seen as girly if you move them freely and to be "a man" you can't be girly. Locking down your pelvis and hips hugely restricts your ability to move freely but it also effects your pleasure on a neurological level. Holding significant tension in these regions constricts your nerves (physically) which limits their ability to feel pleasure and communicate that feeling to the brain.

All of this makes for rich and valuable exploration. Starting to do anything differently and open up your movement will have great flow on effects to your sense of self connection, expression and pleasure.


pelvic tilt + hip movement

inviting your animal out to play

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