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Sound is connected to your voice, to this core expression of who you are. Your ability to make sound is linked to how much space and attention you feel able to take up. It is the most shamed and judged of all our expressions.
You can talk and talk but making noise is a whole different matter. Being able to scream with joy, roar with anger or moan with pleasure are deeply raw and animalistic expressions, they can be confronting to ourselves and those around us. But when expressed with responsibility, safety and awareness making these sounds can be an incredibly liberating experience.

Once again accessing sound has benefits on a neurological level in releasing tension, relaxing the body and opening it up to more pleasure. It's a great access point to deeper connection with your core self and is another avenue for rewriting social conditioning and finding more freedom and confidence in being you.

shame + experimenting with sound

throat vibration

primal sound

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