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Honouring the feminine
As a young man in this patriarchal world I became painfully aware early in my life of the abuse that the male gender has perpetrated upon women and, in fact, the feminine qualities in all humans, throughout history and in the world today.

My work liberates and integrates human sexuality so it can be expressed in healthy, powerful and productive ways.
I work from a place of personal and professional experience, to be an example for other men so together we can stop and heal this long line of patriarchal damage.

That is why I have dedicated most of my work to supporting men to develop a deeper relationship with themselves, because we can only learn true sensitivity, integrity, love and respect for all human beings and this planet if we first relate to ourselves and our own feminine qualities in those ways.
Vulva Mapping Journey
I am aware that some women and gender diverse folk have experienced more direct and damaging relationships with men than others.

Many have never experienced a man relating or giving to them in a truly respectful and loving way that is free of agenda and expectation. They may well have also experienced a loss of choice and power at the hands of men.

In these sessions I offer a transmission of an integrated man being in deep service to you. Honouring and celebrating your unique qualities, sensitivity and power.

A journey that heals old wounds and leaves you feeling empowered and respected in your interactions with a man.

These sessions offer:
  • an acknowledgement of our patriarchal history and the damage it's done.
  • open hearted, respectful space holding from a man of integrity.
  • sensitive, grounded and honouring male touch that is directed by your communication and consent.
  • vulva mapping to educate you about your pleasure anatomy.
  • devotion to the feminine energy that runs through you and all life.

If you are ready to step into this space, book now below