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3 month mentorship

Do you want to be a confident and empowered sexual being?

Free of shame and guilt?

Do you want to be a man who is deeply connected to his power and essence?

A man who is passionate and loving with himself and his partner?

Who knows what he wants AND how to create it?

Then this program is for YOU.

It's not going to be comfortable or easy.

It's not a "get sex quick" guide.

It will be fun if you allow it to be,

and it will be deeply meaningful, transformative and connective.

3 months
8 live sessions
2 night in person retreat
+ online learning content
+ Telegram support thread

The question is...

do you dare to go after the man you dream you could be, the man you know you really are deep inside?

Details about the journey
Who is it for?

Men who are ready to radically develop and transform themselves and their sexuality. A deep dive into taking charge of your intimate life and connecting to your inner power and pleasure.
This journey is open to and appropriate for men of all sexual and relationship orientations.

What is the structure?

This is a 3 month online group program with a 2 night, 1 day in person initiation retreat (in the Byron Bay Hinterland) in mid September.
There will be 8 live group sessions conducted over Zoom, an online forum with additional learning content, home practices and a support thread where the group will stay connected throughout the journey.

When is it happening?
The 3 month journey starts in the 3rd week of August with regular Zoom sessions and the in person retreat in mid September.
Why this program?
Our culture has taught us men that our power, pleasure and purpose is to be found externally to ourselves. “It’s out there, somewhere!”

That through owning things, controlling them and consuming them, we’ll be powerful. Like women, cars, houses, workplaces. 

Sexuality and personal power are intrinsically linked so male sexuality is conditioned with the same rule book. We are told that sexual pleasure and fulfillment is found “out there” too, through getting women and taking what we want. The game is well depicted by thousands of media characters and pop culture players.

We've been sold a lie. The entire cultural teaching is demeaning of your true spirit and potential. It inherently disrespects women and all of life, turning everything into objects to be possessed.

Your power is inside you, you probably know that on some level, but it’s very different to feel it.

The radical secret that has been kept from you is that you were born a complete and free sexual being.


Separate from any other person, you are capable of finding deep meaning and pleasure inside yourself, with yourself. The life force that runs through you is what animates your erotic nature, IT IS your power.


This program is about connecting you fully, to that place inside.

Rooting your entire being and life to that place.


Then everything you create, all the relationships you enter will be built on the foundations of a truly liberated, connected and empowered man.


From there you will see your sexuality for what it is, not something to be found outside of yourself and owned but something deeply personal to be honoured and shared with others.

You will see the sexuality of others as the same and discover a completely new respect and regard for women and other human beings.


Rather than your sexual exploration being something based in competition it will now be based in love and curiosity.

Are you ready to be an initiated sexually sovereign man?

​Then book a Discovery Call now to discuss applying for a place in this program.

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