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Do you feel numb and dispassionate?
Like you could take it or leave it, like you’re rarely really excited by anything?
Does part of you feel trapped and restricted?
Like there’s all this pressure to be what other people want you to be?
Does life feel dull?
Like you’re missing a deeper sense of direction and purpose?
Do you want to feel more alive?
Do you want to feel free?
Do you want more passion and pleasure?
Do you want to feel powerful and in charge of your life?


It's time to release the wild man within you!

The Wild Man can trigger an array of thoughts and emotions, it's important to be clear, this is not a testosterone fueled alpha male men's group.

This is a sacred journey; it offers you essential tools for living a powerful and joyous life connected to purpose and your own wild spirit. Respect, care and love for The Feminine, women and all life is core to this program.
Details about the Wild man program
Who is it for?

Any man who wants to feel more alive and connected to his sense of purpose and direction in the world. Any man who wants to be more authentic and expressive in his life. Any man who wants to create passionate loving relationships.

What is the structure?

This is a 4 week online group program including:
> Weekly group video sessions conducted over Zoom.
> Online forum with extra learning content.
> Home practices and journaling prompts.
> Telegram thread for the group to connect throughout the journey.

The weekly live group Zoom sessions will be held in the evenings and for go for approx 90mins. If you miss a session you will get the recording.
What are the dates?

This program starts on Tuesday 26th July.
The 4 live Zoom sessions are held on Tuesday nights at 7pm and go for approximately 90mins.
26th July and 2nd, 9th and 16th August.

Bonus 1hr guided practice session at 10.30am on Saturday 6th August.
Why this program?
This program will take you on an integrated journey connecting you to your...
  • Power
  • Passion
  • Pleasure
  • Aliveness
  • Self-love
…in real and tangible ways.
You will discover how to generate these states of being from within rather than searching for them outside of yourself.
You will gain new skills and practices that can be used in daily life to express yourself more freely and authentically.
By the end you will be a different man!

A man who is more passionate, alive, loving, emotionally intelligent and empowered to create the life he truly wants to live.

Ready to receive the gifts of this journey?

Hit Book Now to claim your place in the Wild man program.

What's the investment?


Increase impact by adding a 1:1 coaching session and direct voice messaging access to me via a private chat for the duration of the program for just $497.

Contact me directly for payment plans. I never want money to be the only reason someone can't access my work.

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