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Coaching + Bodywork

5 session in person coaching + bodywork process

  • 1 hour
  • I will contact you to confirm location.

Service Description

This in person coaching and bodywork process is tailored to you across a series of five sessions (3x 60min and 2x 90min). This journey has the space for you to explore and bring tangible change to one or two parts of your sexuality. I will deliver foundational tools tailored to the areas of growth you are working on. Together we will build on these foundations and create larger practices and processes that you can use in and outside the session space to bring real change to your everyday life and relationships. At the end of this 5 session journey we will review your process and if there is value for you to continue you can choose to commit to another 5 sessions and explore other aspects or yourself or deepen further into what you have been working on. A word on bodywork... This journey allows space for bodywork. You may not yet understand what bodywork is, that's okay, you don't need to. But in short it's anything that involves you or I working with your body. You're sexuality is experienced and expressed through your body, so working with it is an essential part of creating actual integrated change. Rather than just talking about it. Bodywork could be as simple as you asking me to place a hand on your chest (to offer physical support) while you speak about something challenging. Everything we do in sessions is led by what you are comfortable with and interested to explore and what will serve your learning process. We don't have to do any kind of bodywork, it's just an option and there are many ways to bring awareness to your body.

Contact Details

0420 928 930

Ocean Shores NSW, Australia

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